Appraisal Services

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Estate and Divorce

For inheritance and divorce purposes, an appraisal report is used to assess the total value of an estate. We will come on site to assess home contents and other possessions before creating documentation for your case.


You may want to use your property assets (machinery, specialized equipment, jewelry, or art) as a guarantee on a mortgage, business, or personal loan. The circumstances of the loan can be decided based on a report made by an accredited appraiser.

Divorce or business dissolution

After a business dissolution, a professional appraisal is an important reference for the even distribution of personal property. We service both lawyers and individuals – Appraisal Quebec is an accredited provider and our reports are defendable in court.


Our governments provide enticing tax credits on donations given to registered charity organizations. Donations are not limited to monetary gifts – you may choose to donate artwork, furniture, or jewelry. It is recommended by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to provide an appraisal report made by a professional for donations of over $1000 in order to back up your credit claim.


An appraisal report provides credibility to your insurance inventory and gives you better knowledge of how much insurance coverage is adequate. It aims to estimate the replacement or reconstruction cost of your property. In the case of antiques, art and collectibles, value can differ wildly from the acquisition price.

Any collector benefits from having a professional appraisal on hand in case of a dispute with the insurer. An evaluation can be made before or after a loss occurs, but prudence is recommended.

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